Welcome to The Paris House

The Paris House is a French-styled cafe-bar on the Brighton-Hove border.


We are a Pub that is 'Full of Character; Full of Characters' . We love the quirkiness of the people who come to us to drink, play (or work) and the joi de vivre they all produce. In a town that promotes diversity, you won't find a more diverse crowd than at The Paris House.


We are very proud to support live music - with 7 FREE live performances every week - ranging from Gyspy Jazz, to Cuban to French Chanson. Check out our 'Whose Playing This Month?' page for today's line up (also available at the top of our Facebook page).



Come along, tap your feet, wiggle your bum (but please don't forget to buy a drink -  We don't charge for entry, but it does need to be paid for somehow).