Who's Playing This Month

At The Paris House we LOVE our live music.


Our Saturday afternoon Live Jazz sessions (4-7pm) define the weekend, but we have loads more music too.


Monday Afternoon: Live Jazz 2.00pm- 4.30pm

Monday Evening; Live Jazz 8.00pm - 10pm

Tuesday; Live Music 8.00pm till 10pm

Wednesday: Live  Jazz 8.00pm - 10pm

Thursday : World Music NIght 8.00pm - 10pm

Friday Guest DJs 8pm-1am

Saturday Afternoon: Live Gypsy Jazz 4pm-7pm

Sunday Evening; Live Music 6.00pm -8pm


Here is our line-up for this month, next month is already being planned.


Our Saturdays are the heart and soul of our Live Music History - featuring a collection of Guest Artists whose identity we keep to ourselves until the day....

December 2018 at The Paris House