Re-Opened from 23rd July



We are so very excited to have re-opened.


Please bear with us. We can't have any live music at the moment, and we will have to have a few restrictions in place to make sure it is safe for everyone.


We have been very careful, but the size and layout of the bar will bring some limitations for the next few months.


To answer a few points:

  • We are very happy to take bookings for tables. At busy times these are ‘recommended’, but are never ‘required’, (subject to capacity).
  • We are now required by law to collect Contact details as part of the Test & Trace initiative. These will be kept securely and confidentially for 21 days and then destroyed. We will NOT use these for any marketing purposes.
  • We cannot host any groups of more than 6 people. We know the joy of going to a pub is the fun of big groups and making new freinds. We will return to those days as soon as we can - but for now please respect the rules that are in place.
  • Face Masks and Face Visors are not required at all, but if you would feel more comfortable then please feel very relaxed about wearing them.
  • We are accepting cash, but prefer card payments.
  • Please be respectful of Social Distancing at all times. Moving around may take a bit more time in a thin bar. 
  • We have taken steps to remove certain pinch-points, but please allow time and space for others to walk by.
  • Please regularly use the hand-sanitisers that are easily to-hand.
  • Technically the Government guidance requires us to remind you to wash your hands after going to the loo. We think you could probably work that out for yourselves, so we aren’t going to mention it.......
  • We have ordered sunny weather for the opening few months, so please feel very welcome to use our outside spaces too.

Please bear with us and our team. We have never lived through a Global Pandemic before and we are learning and adapting too. These rules are frequently changing. We are doing what we can  - but a friendly smile of understanding of these tricky situations really does make a big difference to everyone.


Very importantly, please ENJOY YOURSELVES!


Our team (Julian, Helena, Niamh, Pierre, Thomas and Anaelle) have stayed with us throughout and will be absolutely delighted to welcome you all ‘home’.


We have missed you all SO much!


It’s time to MEET AGAIN!


The Paris House Team xx